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Grown lovingly in the Horowhenua, Cam and Catherine Lewis present you with their premium berries. Bounded by the mighty Tararua Ranges to the east and the Tasman Sea to the west, the location of Lewis Farms and the corresponding temperate climate is what sets our produce apart from the rest.

Lewis Farms is the home of Tendertips Asparagus. Tendertips is owned by the Lewis Family and has been growing and packing asparagus in Horowhenua for over 40 years. Find out more here:

Our Story

The heart of the operation, Dunoon, has been in the Lewis family for four generations. On 1 July 1934 Vincent Lewis purchased Dunoon to milk cows. His son Campbell, then farmed the land in sheep and dairy in conjunction with his father; his guardianship over the land extended for 51 years. Campbell’s son Geoff then took over the reins of Dunoon in 1986 to farm in bulls and asparagus. Fast forward to today, where Geoff’s son Cam and his wife Catherine, are following the footsteps of Cam’s great grandparents, grandparents and parents and are now growing berries at Dunoon.

As fourth generation farmers on the land, they know a thing or two about how to grow great food. You can rest assured that the berry you are biting into, has had over 75 years’ worth of farming knowledge and skill poured into it.

Our Berries

We grow our berries in poly-tunnels utilising hydroponic technology, this provides an extended growing season from September to  May – with a small amount into the Winter months. Growing off the ground and on table tops, allows us to capture all run off and ensures that we aren’t degrading the soil below. We pick our berries daily to ensure they are perfectly ripe with superior flavour.

Look out for our berries in your local supermarket, visit our packhouse shop or contact us for special orders.

Our Jam

Lewis Farms Whole Berry Strawberry Jam and Raspberry Jam are hand-crafted by our team, onsite where we grow the berries. Born from a desire to reduce food waste our jams have become popular amongst jam fans across Aotearoa. It is batch-made and tastes just like jam should-delicious!

Available for purchase from our Packhouse Shop, from select outlets and HERE ONLINE.


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Our Shop

We are OPEN for the season, 7 days, 8.30-5. We do not offer PYO. 

During our season you can purchase the freshest Lewis Farms strawberries, raspberries, asparagus and blueberries from our Packhouse shop, located just ten minutes north of Levin. We also sell real berry ice-cream, coffee, Lewis Farms Jams and a range of other artisan products. We are CLOSED 25th, 26th Dec and 1st Jan. Open all other days.

You can purchase products throughout the year HERE ONLINE



We use an integrated pest management system (IPM); a system which utilises both organic sprays and nutrients, the release of natural predators to control pests, and the responsible use of non-organic sprays as a last resort. IPM allows us to maximise the growth of a healthy crop with the least possible disruption to the precious ecosystems that encourage natural pest control. Our expert agronomist monitors pest and disease levels on a daily basis, to ensure the health and quality of our berries.

We package our berries for the supermarket into plastic punnets. These punnets are made from recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate or rPET (#1), one of the most straight-forward plastics to recycle in New Zealand. The recycled PET is in high demand from re-manufacturers. Recycled PET is commonly used to make packaging, food and beverage containers, carpets, strapping and polyester fibres for clothing.

Since we started growing berries, our Packhouse Shop has used molded paper fibre punnets. These can be re-purposed by planting seedlings and then popping the whole punnet directly into the ground to break down around the plants, or can be recycled in your card recycling. Or you can BYO container into the shop!

We grow our berries in poly-tunnels. These tunnels provide protection from the elements, as well as promote a warmer temperature for growing. This allows us to extend our growing season either side of the Summer months, from Spring through to Autumn. The temperate climate of the Horowhenua also assists us with this.

If you have tried our berries you will know that they have a sweet flavour profile. We grow varieties specifically suited for tunnels and use a carefully tailored fertiliser and organic seaweed programme designed to give the plants precisely what they require for fruiting.

You sure can! Products with year-round availability such as our jams and merchandise can be purchased from our ONLINE STORE.

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